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General Terms and Conditions of Use of Megaillon

These General Terms of Use regulate the rules of use of the site Megaillon and its network that Internet users know accept, without reservation, because of their subscription to one or more contract or their connection to the Site.


For the application of these general conditions:

Article 1- Definition and obligations of users of the site:

Anyone having access to the Site, whatever its quality (individual or professional), the place where it is, the terms of connection to the Site, the purpose and purpose of its access to the information published on the site, is a user of the website.

The user is informed of the risks inherent to the Internet, and in particular:

In any case, the owner of the site Megaillon can not be held responsible for these risks and their consequences for the user of the site. It is the responsibility of each user to take all appropriate measures to protect their own data, software and hardware from contamination by viruses or other forms of attack that may circulate through the Site or published information.

The User can not claim any difficulty in accessing the Site to access information in breach of these Terms of Use. To be taken into account the claims of the User must be sent to the Owner of the site by post only in the recommended form with acknowledgment of receipt to the address referred to in the Legal Mentions section of the site.

Article 2- Purpose of the website:

The object of the Megaillon website is:

The Megaillon network is a set of Internet sites belonging to various third parties which each member gives access, through his site, to other members in order to collectively increase the traffic and accessibility of each. The Megaillon network is managed by the Megaillon site. Participation in this network is done through contracts offered on the site Megaillon.

As part of this use, members are prohibited from:

Any member who acts in violation of these Terms and Conditions of Use is liable to civil or criminal prosecution that specifically punishes infringement of copyright and automated data processing systems. He also exposes himself to a breach of contract.

Fight against illicit activities:

Users are informed that moderation can be implemented to control and remove contracts subscribed by users that appear or are linked to websites that are contrary to the laws and regulations in force, or that have been reported as such by judicial authority.

Users acknowledge that they are informed that an alert system is available at all times to any person wishing to report a contract concerning a site of a contentious nature of which they may be aware, in particular those that would fall under the offenses provided for in Articles 24 5 and 8 of the Press Act and 227-23 of the Penal Code such as the apology for crimes against humanity, incitement to racial hatred, child pornography, in accordance with the provisions of Article 6 - I - 7. paragraphs 3 and 4 of the law for Confidence in the Digital Economy of June 21, 2004. Users can also use this device to alert a user has subscribed to a contract for a website which he does not have the rights.

To exercise this alert, the user must contact the owner of the site at the address indicated in the "legal notice". It is understood that the abuse of this faculty is likely to engage the responsibility of the person who exercises it. In particular, are likely to give rise to legal proceedings:

Article 3- Contracts:

Member ID

In order to subscribe to a contract, the Member has the obligation to create a personal account in the space dedicated to this effect on the site.

The member must fill in all the fields requested and provide accurate information and verification of his identity. He must notify the Website of any change affecting his identity.

In the absence of sufficient information, M├ęgaillon reserves the right not to validate the personal account and not to provide the service.

The Member's access to his personal account will be secured by a password chosen by the Member.

All requests made by the Member through his personal account using his username and password will be considered as having been submitted by the Member himself and under his responsibility.

The Member is fully responsible for the contracts to which he subscribes and the information he transmits through them.

Subscription to a contract

The subscription to the contracts proposed by Megaillon supposes the complete and unreserved subscribing of the member to the present general conditions of use of which he acknowledges having previously known and accepts.

In order to subscribe to a contract, the member must complete all the fields requested in the dedicated tab and provide accurate information. In the absence of sufficient information, Megaillon reserves the right not to validate the personal account and not to provide the service.

Megaillon reserves the right to adapt the information transmitted to ensure the proper functioning of the Megaillon network (such as resizing images).

The management of a contract is done exclusively through the member's personal account. The member may change the information of the contract at any time.

Each contract is independent. A website can be linked to several contracts, which will affect its rate of appearance in the network Megaillon.

Monthly contribution

Each member with one or more contracts must pay each month the monthly contribution associated with this or these. This payment is provided by an automated levy.

The monthly fee is not the same for all contracts. It is equal to the number of contracts already active, at the time of creation of the contract, increased by one. The monthly contribution is measured in Euro currency. The moment of the creation of the contract is fixed at the moment following the sending of the form containing the information of the latter and preceding the beginning of the payment process.

The amount of the monthly contribution of a contract is confidential. The monthly contribution of a contract remains fixed over time regardless of the evolution of the number of effective contracts in the Megaillon network. If the payment process is not finalized, the contract is not considered effective.

The first deduction is made following the creation of the contract and covers the current month. The day of the creation of the contract does not affect the amount of the first deduction. The other samples are taken each month from the following month.


The banking transactions between the members and Megaillon are done through the services provided by GoCardless. Personal information, including banking information, sent to GoCardless by the member is not accessible or stored by Megaillon.

The services provided by GoCardless are based on mandates. A member of Megaillon subscribing to a contract assumes full adherence to the GoCardless policy. If a member who has already given a mandate to Megaillon subscribes to a new contract, the member is not redirected to the GoCardless site and a subscription is created automatically upon completion of the contract creation form.

Termination of a contract

A contract can be terminated at any time. It has no expiration time. Termination of a contract is done by deleting last. The Member can perform this action through his account. Megaillon reserves the right to cancel a contract without warning and without justification. The deletion of the member's account, by Megaillon or by the member himself through his personal account, entails the automatic deletion of all his contracts and thereby their termination.

Megaillon does not guarantee any duration of service. If Megaillon stops its service, it implies the immediate cancellation of the contracts

The termination of a contract will stop any withdrawal in the future whatever the day of the month and whatever the progress of the samples. No refund will be made by Megaillon upon termination and whatever the date of termination.

A terminated contract no longer appears in the Megaillon network and is no longer included in the calculation of monthly contributions for new contracts. A terminated contract can not be reactivated. The Member may subscribe to a new contract for a site linked to a terminated contract, but the monthly fee may vary.

Article 4- The Megaillon network:

The member sites of the Megaillon network must follow the recommendations contained in the dedicated tab to implement the network display process. They must ensure the smooth running of the posting process. If this is not the case, Megaillon reserves the right to delete the contract (s) concerned.

The network display process can be implemented on sites that are not members. These sites will not appear in the network.

For a given site, Megaillon reserves the right to select which member sites will appear to optimize the network. If such a selection is made then the other selections will be made in such a way as to ensure equality of appearance according to the number of associated contracts.

Subscribing or terminating a contract may not cause the network to be updated immediately because of the use of the cache. The network update is certified after one day.

The Megaillon network uses the browser cache to optimize its speed. The use of cookies may be a substitute if there is no cache. Megaillon collects information about users accessing the sites displaying the Megaillon network, such as the Internet URL of the links through which the user accessed the site and the IP address of the user. This information is used as described in the legal notice. It is the duty of the website displaying the network Megaillon to ensure the consent of these users on this subject.

Article 5 - Modification of the general conditions of use:

The owner of the website Megaillon may at any time modify the terms of these Terms of Use. These changes engage readers as soon as they are posted.

Article 6- Applicable law- Litigation:

In case of discrepancies between the different versions of the general conditions of use in the different languages, the French version predominates.

All disputes relating to the application of these general conditions of use will be subject to the jurisdiction of TOULOUSE.